ACARA Participation in Winter Field Day?

ACARA member and portable-operations enthusiast Robert Riordan, KA4VNK, has come to me with an intriguing proposal. Robert would like the ACARA to participate in the Winter Field Day Association’s Winter Field Day on the weekend of January 27-28, 2018.

The Winter Field Day Association’s Winter Field Day ( is very much like annual ARRL Field Day except that Winter Field Day is designed to test hams’ abilities to set up and operate in cold-weather conditions instead of in the heat of summer.

Robert has offered the use of a small house on his property near Coolville for an operation and assures me there’s plenty of room for HF antennas. He has also offered the use of his ICOM IC-718 HF transceiver which was used so successfully during the ACARA’s 2017 Ohio State Parks on the Air operation. John McCutcheon has offered the use of a 10m-40m trap-dipole and I’ve offered the use of an 80m/40m fan-dipole; both John and I have masts with can be used to support these antennas.

A quick look at the Winter Field Day rules indicates the ACARA can compete in the “1-Transmitter” class and Indoor” category and we can easily earn bonus points for alternate power and for “not at home”. We might also be able to earn bonus points for making a satellite QSO.

If you think Winter Field Day could be fun, let Robert (email) or me (email) know!


Eric McFadden, WD8RIF
President, Athens County Amateur Radio Association