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Sadly, another local ham has become a Silent Key. William M. Johnson, Jr., former KA8YMH of The Plains passed away on Friday, November 16, 2018. Bill let his license expire as his health declined several years ago. He was a Navy veteran of The Korean War where he served as a ship-board radio operator. He later took over the Johnson’s Upholstery family business from his father William M. Johnson, Sr. Older members of ACARA may speak to his activity with the club. Obituary

We are saddened to report that Russell Wilson, KE8BUP became a silent key last Friday at the age of 48. Russell was a driving force behind the resurrection of the Morgan County amateur radio club and was helping to recruit amateur radio volunteers for Red Cross of Southeast Ohio to serve the Morgan County area. Russell attended a few of our ACARA/SCARF VE sessions to assist. The link to his obituary is below. Please keep thoughts and prayers for the family.

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