ACARA Copper J-Pole Build

Members of the ACARA met at the Red Cross of Southeastern Ohio on Saturday, October 26, 2020 to build 2m/70cm collapsible copper J-Pole antennas. The group-build was led by Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ, who also gathered and prepared all the supplies necessary to construct the antennas.

Several ACARA members took advantage of the group build:
Michael Baxla, KE8ICP
Marc Richards, KC8MCW
Nick Arnold, KD8FKB
Joe Weber, KE8LRZ

In addition, Kirk Groeneveld, KC8JRV, brought the copper J-Pole he had previously built at home for assistance in tuning it.

Eric McFadden, WD8RIF, attended the session to assist Jeff in helping members build and tune their antennas.

Unfortunately, due to a faulty coaxial cable and a test-jig that relied on a drive-on mast-mount that place the antennas too close to Eric’s car, several of the antennas couldn’t be tuned properly at the session on the 26th, so a second date, Saturday, October 17, was scheduled for a special tuning session. For this latter session, Jeff and Eric were joined as Elmers by John McCutcheon, N8XWO. Kirk and Nick attended and left with properly-tuned antennas.

Those who built antennas on the 26th but couldn’t attend the tuning session on the 19th are asked to contact Jeff or Eric for help tuning their antennas.

Tools and supplies provided by N8SUZ
Joe Weber, KE8LRZ, constructs his J-Pole
Nick Arnold, KE8FKB, constructs his J-Pole
Kirk Groenveld, KC8JRV, tweaks his J-Pole
Marc Richards, KC8MCW, constructs his J-Pole
Michael Baxla, KE8ICP, prepares to construct his J-Pole
Michael Baxla, KE8ICP, constructs his J-Pole