KB8ER (SK) HF Equipment Available to Clubmembers — Update

Update — the Astron power supply and the R. L. Drake TVI filter were sold at the Athens Hamfest but the other items remain and are available for purchase by ACARA members. In the listings below, I’ve reduced the asking prices.


Thanks to the foresight and generosity of John “Andy” Andracki, KB8ER (SK), the ACARA has available for sale the following pieces of equipment.

The proceeds from the sale of this equipment will be applied to the Repeater Relocation Fund. This equipment is being offered first to ACARA members; any items still available on April 29 will be sold at the Athens Hamfest.

The equipment is available to look at or test.

Anyone interested in any of this equipment should contact Eric McFadden at president@ac-ara.org.


ICOM IC-718 100-watt 10m-160m all-mode HF transceiver + Astron RS-20 power supply

The ICOM IC-718 is a current-production entry-level HF transceiver and is currently available new at Universal Radio for $645. You can read more about the IC-718 at ICOM America:

Andy’s IC-718 is being offered with the manual, and an HM-36 hand-microphone for $425.


Ameritron AL-811 15m – 160m 600-watt linear amplifier

From the manual: “The Ameritron AL-811 is an economical 600 watt output linear amplifier that operates reliably from 160 through 15 meters. The AL-811 uses three 811A tubes in a class AB2 grounded grid circuit. Heavy duty power supply and RF components provide a long service life for components. The AL-811 is shipped factory wired for 120 volt, 50/60 Hz power mains.”

A scan of the AL-811’s manual is available at Ameritron:

Andy’s AL-811 is clean on the front and sides but the rear panel is scratched. Andy had applied stickers to the front panel to aid in quick band-changes; these stickers, which can be seen in the photo, should be easily removable without damage to the front panel. Included with the amplifier will be a Sultantronics Relay Saver Model LVP (http://www.sultantronics.com/product.html).

Andy’s AL-811 will initially be offered as a set with a Drake MN-2000 antenna tuner–see below.


Drake MN-2000 1000-watt antenna matching network

From the manual: “The MN-2000 is a wide range, impedence matching network with a built-in calibrated directional watt-meter and an antenna switching arrangement. It is a versatile tool which allows the maximum transfer of power to an antenna system.”

A scan of the manual is available here:

Andy had applied stickers to the front panel to aid in quick band-changes; these stickers, which can be seen in the photo, should be easily removable without damage to the front panel.

Because the Al-811 and the MN-2000 are a nice high-power “pair”, they’re initially being offered as a set for $700. If you have interest in just one of these pieces, please let us know.


Heathkit HN-31 “Cantenna” 1000-watt dummy load (without oil)

The Heathkit “Cantenna” is a classic oil-filled dummy load capable of safely dissipating up to 1000 watts of RF. A good source of information on the Heathkit “Cantenna” is an article by John White, VA7JW, available here:

Andy’s Cantenna is being offered without oil for $25.


Yaesu SP-107 speaker

The SP-107 is a speaker made to match the Yaesu FT-107 transceiver. The SP-107 will work well with the IC-718 being offered above or with any transceiver or receiver requiring a low-impedance speaker.

Andy’s clean SP-107 speaker is being offered for $25.



R.L Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter — SOLD

The TV-3300-LP is a low-pass filter for HF operations at up to 1000 watts output.

Andy’s Drake TV-3300-LP is being offered for $25.