Lake Hope Bicycle Race

Lake Hope Bicycle Race – June 2, 2019 (new date)

ACARA provides communication support for the Lake Hope Bicycle Race sponsored by the Ohio University Cycling Club. Operators are monitoring for the need for EMS for downed riders and to assist in tracking the lead and chase vehicles for each group of riders. Groups are released every five minutes from the start line at SR 278 and the swimming beach entrance road.

The race is held on an approximately 20 mile course on the state highways and county roads which rim Lake Hope near Zaleski, Ohio. In addition to their spring race, they are also hosting the state racing finals on the Lake Hope Course. Races are held in two heats consisting of several ability groups which each take a different number of loops on the course from three to five loops. The first heat starts at 10:00 AM and the second early afternoon, around 12:30 PM and finishing around 5:00 PM.

Operations are conducted on the Vinton County 2 meter repeater frequency 147.105 + PL 88.5. Backup simplex frequency is 146.400. Operators should be on station by 9:30 AM. Thanks to the Vinton County club for use of their repeater for this event.

Operators assisting with this event need to be self-sufficient such as they might need to be on an emergency operation. They should bring their own food/snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray, folding chair and/or shade.

Lake Hope Bicycle Race website

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Operator Assignments: 2018
Net Control/Park Office/Lake Hope Dam Start/Finish Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ
Station 1, Mile 3, SR 278 and Mine Hollow Road (CR 11) Eric McFadden, WD8RIF
Station 1A, Mile 4, Mine Hollow Road between SR 278 and SR 328 Andy Young, KD8WVX
Station 2, Mile 5, Mine Hollow Road and SR 328 Bob Curtis, KD8FRQ
Station 2A, Mile 7, SR 328 and Minnie White Road (CR 13) Tyler Hooker, AK5HT
Station 3, Mile 9, SR 328 and 2 Mile Road (CR 1) Mike Cooper, KC8WMY
Station 3A, Mile 12, Bolin Road and 2 Mile Road, midway between SR 328 and SR 278 Jon Bennett, KD8ZRQ
Station 4, Mile 14, 2 Mile Road and SR 278 Josh Cash, KE8EAS