Regular Area Nets :
Sundays 5:00 PM ACARA - 5 PM, 6 AM Net 50.4 mHz
Second Monday 7:00 PM ACARA - 2 Meter Net
(Sample Net Script - .DOC or .PDF)
(Sample Net Log - .DOC or .PDF)
145.150- mHz
Sundays 8:00 PM Central and SE Ohio UHF Emergency Communications Linked Repeater Network  
  Athens - EchoLink VoIP Port 442.100 mHz (no PL)
    McArthur 442.525 mHz (no PL)
  Jackson 442.225 mHz (no PL)
    Logan 443.125 mHz (no PL)
145.770 mHz (107.2)
remote base
Sundays 9:30 PM Masonic Fellowship Net 3.865 mHz
Mondays 8:00 PM Lancaster and Fairfield Co ARC Net 147.03+ mHz
First Wednesday 8:30 PM Licking County ARES Net 145.47- mHz
Weekdays 8:30 AM Morning Ohio Ragchew 28.337 mHz
Sundays 12:00 PM Washington Co Emergency Net 3.925 mHz
Tuesdays 8:00 PM Woodchuck ARC 6 Meter Net 52.4 mHz
Ohio Section Nets  
Daily (EST) 6:45 PM Buckeye Net (early)
Manager: Joyce Judy, KD8HB
3.577 mHz
Daily (EST) 10:00 PM Buckeye Net (late)
Manager: Phil Pockras, NY8V
3.577 mHz
Daily (EST) 6:10 PM Ohio Slow Net (New frequency effective November 27, 2006 due to FCC band changes)
Manager: Henry Koenig, WD8Q
3.596 mHz
Daily (EST) 10:30 AM
4:15 PM
6:45 PM
Ohio Single Side Band Net (OSSBN)
Manager: Don Zickafoose, WB8SIQ
*Note: Propagation conditions have deteriorated due to frequent solar flares.. Effective 05/17/12 the 4:15 PM net will be moved to 7.272 mHz until further notice.
3.9775 mHz
3.9680 mHz (alt)
7.272 mHZ (4:15 net)
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