Folding Copper Cactus J-pole build 05/21/2023

We had five participants complete the folding copper cactus J-pole club build today. Everyone seemed to have a good time and were willing to help each other with soldering or other prep work. Due to some antenna analyzer issues, we will need to set SWR for most at a later time.

Those completing were Bob Weber – KE8WWG, Gerald Carter – KE8WWF, Tony Peric -KE8VOG, Brian Taylor -KZ8U and Mark Summers -KD8SM.

Missed a message that went to spam from another potential builder.

I do have another 4 or 5 kits available if anyone has skills enough to attempt the build on their own. I did borrow a few parts to replace some missing or items broken during the build. If there is enough interest we could build again later in the summer.


Jeff, N8SUZ