Report: Ohio State Parks on the Air 2021 (Updated 2021-11-20)

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, members of the ACARA participated in the 14th annual PCARS “Ohio State Parks on the Air” (link), activating Strouds Run State Park at the Bulldog Picnic Shelter and operating under the club’s callsign, W8UKE.

Bob Curtis, KD8FRQ
John McCutcheon, N8XWO
Eric McFadden, WD8RIF
Miles McFadden, KD8KNC
Bob Moore, KC8KSM

The station consisted of the ACARA’s Elecraft K3 transceiver; an LDG AT100 Pro II automatic antenna tuner provided by Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ; and an 80m/40m fan-dipole and a 24′ military mast provided by Eric McFadden, WD8RIF. The logging computer and Honda 2kW inverter-generator were also provided by Eric.

Because the continuing coronavirus crisis, the traditional 5pm potluck was canceled in favor of a bring-your-food gathering. 

By the time the eight-hour event was over, the team had made a total of 33 contacts and had worked stations at 24 of the 75 Ohio State Parks. The club’s claimed score was 825 points, down significantly from the club’s 2020 score of 6,726 points. By band, 27 contacts were made on 75m and 6 contacts were made on 40m.

Contacts were made by N8XWO (28), KD8FRQ (4). and KD8KNC (1).

UPDATE 2021-11-20: Results have been posted at

With 825 points, ACARA placed 6th out of 10 in class Multi-Op, Single-Radio, Low Power.

N8SUZ/R placed 3rd out of 5 in class Rover with 768 points.

John McCutcheon, N8XWO, helps install the antenna.
The 80/40m Fan Dipole
John McCutcheon, N8XWO, operates while Bob Moore, KC8KSM, watches.
John McCutcheon, N8XWO, and Bob Curtis, KD8FRQ, identify State Parks worked.
Bob Moore, KC8KSM; John McCutcheon, N8XWO; and Bob Curtis, KD8FRQ
Miles McFadden, KD8KNC, cooks burgers and dogs.
Bob Curtis, KD8FRQ; Bob Moore, KC8KSM; and John McCutcheon, N8XWO, eat.